Mossariums & Terrariums (not planted)

Allow nature to inspire you through the day as you work or play.  Keep them Zen or bring them to life with "Little Peeps".

Mini Mossariums are perfect addition to your desk or side table.  Our mediums are a good size for your coffee table or communal workspace.

If you would like a different configuration to what is offered, for example a mossarium but with a plant silicon insert so that you can have both plants and moss, then please email me and I'll see if I can make it happen.

Also if something is out of stock, please email me as I may be able to create it by mixing and matching different bases and tops to give you what you want. (medium size only).

We ship out Mossariums Australia Wide.

Our Moss is sold separately however can only be delivered NSW, SA, WA, VIC & QLD.  Due to customs restrictions we cannot deliver to NT or TAS or overseas.