Meet Roxy.  A gorgeous terracotta brown stunner.  She's also big and strong so will easily handle all your difficult to manage blooms and branches.  Perfect on your sideboard or entrance hall or wherever you need to make a statement. She adds colour and flair wherever she goes.  Great with or without flowers.


Vase composition: Iron, Metal Vase (not suitable to hold water.  Insert a water tight vessel inside vase for use with fresh flowers)


25cm W x 34 cm H


Roxy can be found on your sideboard, console, or grouped with others.  

Flowers to suit: I would go big with this vase.  Large dried or preserved stems like pampas grass.  For use with fresh (insert glass vase) it looks great with large banksia stems, tall stems of hydrangea, beehive ginger and tropical leaves, fennel, tall stems of ginger, large native arrangements, big bunches of artichoke, olive bunches/branches, big eucalyptus bunches, blossom branches, anything big and full and branchy, 

Always cut the stems to suit the vase.



Please note our metal vases are not suitable for use with water. We love dry flowers in ours but for fresh flowers please place a water tight container inside the vessel.

The ideal cylinder glass vase insert would be 12cm w x 34cm high (or thereabouts) Please email me if you would like me to source this for you -