About Me


Hello, I’m Helen, your local provider of branches, flowers, plants and moss.  I'm a mother and wife (family's important) and you’ll most likely find me floating around Surry Hills or playing with flowers in my workshop on Little Riley St.

When it comes to botanics, I like to keep it simple. A beautiful statement branch, a posy of daisies or a couple of stems of orchards.  Carefully chosen, processed with love and provided to you at an affordable price.  All gorgeous and each has the power to bring you joy and look great in your home.  I believe flowers don't need to be complicated or over the top to impress and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy them at any price.  All I ask is that you take them home, unwrap them and snip those stems before they go into water.  Sure there are a few other tips and ticks to getting the most out of your blooms.  Do that and your flowers will last a lot longer.


Follow me on instagram @hivebotanics to see what's in season.

If you would like to order something specific no problem at all. Please email me or send me a message.   


Flower Market Days 

Flower market days can vary between Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so please let me know what fresh flowers you'd like for the week.  



All our flowers are wrapped in simple brown or white paper and tied with twine.  For gift bouquets we add a bit more love but like to keep it simple as possible.  

Some of our products are supplied in recycled boxes with recycled packaging.  We reuse as much as we can and sometimes you might receive your package in a box that doesn’t match the product.  We think its better for the environment and that’s important to us.  If your purchase is going direct to a friend as a gift, just let us know and we’ll take extra care with packing it up and do our best to make it look a bit special.

I look forward to meeting with you and helping you create some beautiful floral moments. 

Helen x