Meet Flo, she's Miley's little sister.  She is the most perfect vase for phalaenopsis orchards or small branches that need a heavy glass and large amount of water to balance the weight.  She is also perfect for propagating cuttings from your favourite plants.  The circular base is great for expanding root systems and it looks cool too.

Volume 1000ml

22 cm h x 13 cm w


Flo is very versatile.  You could put her on the coffee table, next to the bed, in the bathroom, a side table, a sideboard, your desk.  Almost anywhere.

Flowers to suit - A couple of phalaenopsis orchids, small branches, a single stem statement native, banksia, king protea, lotus pods, a light branch, a single rose, any tall beautiful focal flower. 



Made in USA

KIMAX boroscilicate glass is stronger and more scratch resistant.  It also resists thermal shock so it can be cooled or heated quickly without breaking.  And it's more chemically resistant to acids so liquids stay pure and uncontaminated.