Mossarium is a medium size, cloche style mossarium for indoor use, presenting a 15cm piece of moss. 

Includes Glass closed top, cork base, dome silicon insert, watering mister, microfiber cleaning cloth, retail gift packaging.



Place moss piece over the grey insert, tuck in around the perimeter and gently break away any excess. No soil is required. Mist lightly with filtered water or rainwater and place glass top. Choose a cool position for your Sanctuary that has ample natural light but is out of direct sunlight.

Watering schedules will vary, the aim is to ensure a hydrating environment but never saturated. The shape of the moss insert ensures your moss isn’t sitting in water. Once Sanctuary is creating beads of condensation, it will benefit from brief periods with the lid off to balance terrarium gasses and provide airflow.

Moss receives nutrients through its tiny leaves. As condensation develops naturally, the moisture will hydrate the moss foliage and begin to drip from the conical profile. Look out for the effects of air-conditioning or the changing seasons and stay in tune with your Sanctuary by reading condensation cues and admiring your moss daily.