The perfect desktop companion, Mossarium Mini in silicon base allows moss to stay hydrated longer. The teardrop form of the top directs condensation back onto the foliage, emulating nature’s water cycle. The side ventilation adds further control of the microclimate. Start your miniature world and add this special design piece to your home or office, or share as a unique gift.



What is included: Mossarium, microfibre cloth bag, mister. Gift Packaging

Materials: Acrylic top, Soft silicon Base.

Care: Use water and your microfibre bag to clean the lid.
Do not use any chemicals to clean mossarium parts.

Mossarium Mini is 9cm x 8.7cm



Place moss over the domed base, tuck in around the perimeter and gently break away any excess moss.

Mist lightly with distilled or rainwater and place top. The vents on the side provide variable airflow.

For happy moss, choose a position for your Mossarium that has natural light for at least 2 hours a day, out of direct sunlight.

Moss receives its nutrients through its tiny leaves. Watch the condensation naturally hydrate the moss foliage and drop from the top’s conical profile.

Water when moss appears dry or when condensation ceases forming.

Pay attention to the effects of air-conditioning and the seasons and stay in tune with your Mossarium by reading condensation cues.