Our gorgeous premium Phalaenopsis Orchid stems in a blush pink are perfect for home or a gift, and work beautiful in our Miley & Flo Orchid Vases.

Phallys last up to three weeks, the water stays clear and they benefit from a daily mist of water.  So easy to care for and look amazing.

These Orchids can be sent via Express Post in the mail to NSW, QLD, VIC and the ACT.  Choose express post for orchids at check out.

How long do they last for?  Up to 3 weeks!  

For best results recut stems before placing into clean water in a very clean vase.   Keep away from drafts and direct sunlight and mist with water daily.  If the orchid starts to look limp, go ahead and submerge the flower heads in a water bath for 15-20 minutes to rehydrate.  If the stem has dried out be sure to snip again so that it can drink when back in the vase.

Pick up is in Surry Hills

For delivery, please get in touch first to see if I deliver to your area and if so delivery costs will be additional and advised.