Meet Bob.  He is your big branch vessel.  Perfect for top heavy stems and branches that need a heavy glass and large amount of water to balance the weight. The bottle necks are extra thick for increase strength.  Perfect for a high ceilings where you need to make a statement.


9 Litre Volume

40 cm h x 20 cm w


Bob can me found in foyer or entrance hall, sideboard, kitchen, anywhere with high ceilings and you are looking to make a statement.

Branches to suit - Top heavy branches of banksia, magnolia, maple, olive, dogwood or another branch that requires weight to stop it from tipping over.



PYREX made by Corning

Made in USA

PYREX by Corning is the worlds number one brand of scientific glassware by labs around the world.  Unlike common glass PYREX boroscilicate glass is stronger and more scratch resistant.  It also resists thermal shock so it can be cooled or heated quickly without breaking.  And it's more chemically resistant to acids so liquids stay pure and uncontaminated.



Due to the nature of the manufacturing process this product may come with slight imperfections in the glass.