The Perfumer's Library / Discovery Set - Volume 2 (Masculine)

The Perfumer's Library / Discovery Set - Volume 2 (Masculine)

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In collaboration with our friends at The Green Room, I am excited to introduce you to 'The Perfumers Story' by Azzi.


Discover YOUR signature scent with The Perfumer’s Library, Volume 2.

Are you in search of your own signature scent?  Or, would you like to give the gift of perfume, to someone special, but don't know where to start?  

This beautifully packaged, discovery set of 6 exquisite fragrances, is sensual, creative and edgy.  

While all are unisex Volume 2 is slightly more masculine in its’ scent style, Volume 1 contains 6, 5ml Eau de Parfum mini sprays of; Mystére Vetivert, Grey Myrrh, Master Cedar, Tuscan Suede, Old Books, S&X.

It really is the best way to try them all.  I can honestly say, hand on heart, your signature scent is in this box, waiting to be discovered.  

Order on its own or gift it with flowers, you won't be disappointed.

While all of Azzi's perfumes are unisex, Volume 1 is curated as more feminine and Volume 2 as more masculine.



* Discount codes are NOT valid with The Perfumers Story.

 The Green Room is the Official Distributor of 'The Perfumers Story by Azzi' in Australia.